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in 🌱 ybm-community
February 26, 2023
• Edited (Feb 26, 2023)

🌈 Hello there, it's Francės!

Welcome into the YBM-App Community.

I'm so happy to be here with you! ( see more )

Here we can share project pictures, give showers of compliments and spread the love of confetti 😄

Before you begin, please comment on this post if you agree with the Community Guidelines.

I will also be sharing my projects, as well as coupons and sneak-peeks! I'm so excited to see everyone's creativity on this new platform ❤️

in 🌱 ybm-community
April 28, 2023
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Finally made my first one! It’s for my sister-in-law who came to visit us in Germany. I added one fold out flap.

in 👋 say-hello
February 02

Hi Frances,

Your teaching is impeccable ❤️

I just started making Photo Albums this past couple of months. 

Thanks for sharing your talent with me and others.


in 👋 say-hello
January 10

I have just discovered your channel and it is awesome.  Ive purchased a couple of classes, but i think i might subscribe.  You are an amazing teacher.

in 👋 say-hello
September 12, 2023
• Edited (Oct 14, 2023)

Help us get to know you! Share where your based, and a little bit about yourself. Sharing your latest YBM project is a bonus! 😁

in 👋 say-hello
January 02
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From the tutorial babygirl album 8x8
It’s a grat album, lot of work but it’s worth it. Frances’s Thank you so much for your tutorial they are so nicely explained and gorgeous

in 🌱 ybm-community
October 04, 2023

not sure where this is goin but i'm havin fun!

in 👋 say-hello
September 21, 2023

So, I realized that I jumped directly into my first post like i actually knew what I was doing and totally forgot to introduce myself. My bad! I’m Toni. I live in Champlin, with my hubby of forever and two geriatric kitties. Who am I kidding…we’re all a little older than we would like to admit. I am still learning this whole make -it-from-the-ground-up album thing but am (as Frances would say) having a blast at it. Praise the Lord for people like Frances who can teach! i am loving this community and can’t wait to share more of what I am doing. Happy crafting everyone!

in 👋 say-hello
September 23, 2023

Hello from Kelowna BC Canada. I’m so addicted to Frances designs and her tutorials always bring me joy! I am a bookkeeper by trade, so my brain always craves creativity! I am most happy spending time with my family. They are my world. Seeing my family flourish and blossom is what makes my life most fun!

in 👋 say-hello
September 23, 2023
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Good Evening my crafty friends!  I am from a small town in Iowa of about 1200 people.  I am a nurse by day and crafter by night.  I am a mother of 3 grown sons, 1 daughter, 1 bonus daughter, and grandmother of 5 grandchildren; with another coming in March.  I came across one of Frances books when looking for a cute baby album and what can I say, I'm hooked.  I love her teaching style and the constant encouragement she gives during tutorials.  I look forward to seeing all the beautiful creations you all come up with.  God bless! My last project was a waterfall folio for a baby shower.