Michelle collum

Texas City, TX, United States

Commented on some old skool games!

Jul 22 at 03:51 PM

I also love your old school. Mine is way old school. I green up on Atari 🤣🤣

Commented on some old skool games!

Jul 22 at 03:18 PM

Are you cozy???

Jun 03 at 04:05 PM

Heehee. You being all cool and stuff. 🥰. Can’t wait to watch!

Jun 03 at 04:04 PM

I LOVE it!!?

May 22 at 01:07 PM

So there!!!

May 21 at 05:19 AM

You said this all so well! I think I came across YBM around 2020 as well. Jair showed up on my feed and I remember thinking how awesome all these pockets and pullouts were. I saved the page and then forgot about it but was reminded again a short time later and instantly subscribed. It’s a wonderful community. Such a blessing in my life. Glad we are here together!

May 21 at 05:17 AM

Welcome! You will love this community and feel so loved and supported. You couldn’t have found a better teacher for making albums! I have been a subscriber for quite a while and I have learned so much from Francés! Can’t wait to see your projects!

May 21 at 05:12 AM

My last book I started and am about to pick back up is Christmas. I mean Christmas in July is coming right??? Lol

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Sep 12 at 07:52 PM

Francės Long I’m glad we met too 🥰


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Sep 12 at 07:43 PM


And my 4 year old Maggie. She’s a challenge. It look at that face!