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May 18

What was the theme of your most recent book?

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May 26

Hello everyone, I am Yvonne and I am from The netherlands. My English is not that good, sorry for that but I hope you will understand me.
I make Some albums now for I guess two years. For friends, baby shower or just vecause I really like to do and your lessons are so complete, beautiful and precious. Thank you so much Francés!!!

The album on The video was not finished het🙈, but al little impressie.
Have a good day you all!!!

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February 26, 2023
• Edited (Feb 26, 2023)

🌈 Hello there, it's Francės!

Welcome into the YBM-App Community.

I'm so happy to be here with you! ( see more )

Here we can share project pictures, give showers of compliments and spread the love of confetti 😄

Before you begin, please comment on this post if you agree with the Community Guidelines.

I will also be sharing my projects, as well as coupons and sneak-peeks! I'm so excited to see everyone's creativity on this new platform ❤️

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May 22

Hi friends, we are working on organizing all of the event details to share with you in the next week! Be sure to check back so you can grab your seat!

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May 08
• Edited (May 08, 2024)
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here is a sneak peek of the next project share, made by a super special friend I met back in 2019, Tamberly. We met at local event I was a vedor at, here in central California ( they drove out a couple hours out to find me ) and we've all been friends ever since. She spent years on this album that I am soon to show you and it by far is one of the most cherished items I have. Here is us on our most recent hangout - before parting ways for now.
Left - Right.
Michelle ( her mom ), Tamberly ( who made the book ), Me, Sam

It was a fun day and I am stoked to show you her book in full detail soon 🤍🌱 She used the 8 x 10 mini but really flew away with her own incredible imagination 🥹

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September 23, 2023
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Good Evening my crafty friends!  I am from a small town in Iowa of about 1200 people.  I am a nurse by day and crafter by night.  I am a mother of 3 grown sons, 1 daughter, 1 bonus daughter, and grandmother of 5 grandchildren; with another coming in March.  I came across one of Frances books when looking for a cute baby album and what can I say, I'm hooked.  I love her teaching style and the constant encouragement she gives during tutorials.  I look forward to seeing all the beautiful creations you all come up with.  God bless! My last project was a waterfall folio for a baby shower.

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May 24
• Edited (May 24, 2024)

😂 I wanted to show you the sketch for the upcoming project I'll be teaching during the in-person class! Oh, and here is the How I Design a Mini Movie. // Reminder : Live In-Person Class SEPT 28TH 2024 ( Central California )
~ 😂 laughing because I felt awkward when Shayne filmed me lol

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May 25

🎉 So Excited! The In-Person Class Tickets Are Ready!!! Here's the Event Page >> 🌱 We are Gunna Party BIG TIME 🎉 I am so excited to meet you 🤍 I'll be here if you have any questions!

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May 15

Hello creatives! I'm located in Los Angeles, CA. I've mostly made greeting cards and one very intensive exploding box, but stopped crafting regularly a few years ago. My friend inspired me to work on a memory book and after some Googling, found Frances' incredible videos. Amanda's album drew me in, but it was the class on how to design a mini album that convinced me to subscribe. I'm so looking forward to my first album, but also very nervous and intimidated. Thank you in advance for this community!

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May 05

I am Angela from Buckeye AZ. I too found Frances by accident when searching for album designs. My first YBM album was in 2020, the 8x8 Baby album as a gift for a conworker having her first baby. I decided to make 2 at the same time and being it was my first album, it took me forever, at least it seemed that way! My friend was having a girl and her nursery theme was cherry blossoms. I struggled finding scrapbook paper with cherry blossoms and ended up finding wrapping paper that I bought online and cut down to 12 x 12 sheets. It came out beautiful! I was buying only single tutorials back then but have since subscribed for all the classes and get the podcasts too. I have made several designs since the first album mostly for gifts. Frances’ teaching style is awesome as she takes her time and gives encouragement all the way. I am getting to know her style better and can anticipate her next steps! I love the visuals and having a cut list. I post all my projects on the Mini Album Artists—YBM Students Facebook page. Thank you Frances ad hope everyone has as much fun as I do!