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What was the theme of your most recent book?

February 26, 2023
• Edited (Feb 26, 2023)

🌈 Hello there, it's Francės!

Welcome into the YBM-App Community.

I'm so happy to be here with you! ( see more )

Here we can share project pictures, give showers of compliments and spread the love of confetti 😄

Before you begin, please comment on this post if you agree with the Community Guidelines.

I will also be sharing my projects, as well as coupons and sneak-peeks! I'm so excited to see everyone's creativity on this new platform ❤️


Hi friends, we are working on organizing all of the event details to share with you in the next week! Be sure to check back so you can grab your seat!

May 08
• Edited (May 08, 2024)
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here is a sneak peek of the next project share, made by a super special friend I met back in 2019, Tamberly. We met at local event I was a vedor at, here in central California ( they drove out a couple hours out to find me ) and we've all been friends ever since. She spent years on this album that I am soon to show you and it by far is one of the most cherished items I have. Here is us on our most recent hangout - before parting ways for now.
Left - Right.
Michelle ( her mom ), Tamberly ( who made the book ), Me, Sam

It was a fun day and I am stoked to show you her book in full detail soon 🤍🌱 She used the 8 x 10 mini but really flew away with her own incredible imagination 🥹

May 24
• Edited (May 24, 2024)

😂 I wanted to show you the sketch for the upcoming project I'll be teaching during the in-person class! Oh, and here is the How I Design a Mini Movie. // Reminder : Live In-Person Class SEPT 28TH 2024 ( Central California )
~ 😂 laughing because I felt awkward when Shayne filmed me lol

🎉 So Excited! The In-Person Class Tickets Are Ready!!! Here's the Event Page >> 🌱 We are Gunna Party BIG TIME 🎉 I am so excited to meet you 🤍 I'll be here if you have any questions!

the confetti 😄
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the cover 😊
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the scoring 🥰
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the decorating 🤩
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the fact you're doing something you love 😌
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the feeling of buildng a family heriloom 🥹
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all of the above 🥳
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Give as a gift 🎁
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Keep for myself 😄
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Post for sale 💰
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Donate to charity 🤲🏼
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Here's how to share your projects in the "share-your-projects-here" channel! Once you open the app, journey to the community tab at the bottom middle of the page, then select "channels" in the top left, from there select "share-your-projects-here" then press the ( + ) button in the top right corner and choose any photo or 1 minute video of your choice! You will have to add photos one by one for now until the app features continue to improve, or you can make a collage using a different app and post that single photo here too ( example of this in the projects channel - of course if you need any futher help, I'll be here! 🌱

Albums for pictures! 😄
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Albums for paper fun! 😆
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Both! Maybe I'll add pics later 🤣
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