Beth Holt

Caledonia, MN, United States

Jul 19 at 03:09 PM

So beautiful!


Jul 15 at 12:47 PM

Love this so much! Fantastic work Debbie!

Jul 08 at 12:30 PM

How fun! Yay double matting! I especially love double matting for the photo spaces. I can pretty much double mat everything else but the photo spots unless it is built in. Can’t wait to see this completed!

Jul 05 at 05:59 PM

Thank you!!!!


Jul 05 at 01:40 PM

When making covers and finding the stiffer side of the chipboard, which way do you want the stiffer side to go? I’m looking at making the Animal Style Folio and don’t think that information was included at the beginning of the tutorial. Thank you!



Jul 03 at 06:27 PM

What size notebook fits into the notebook holder? Is it 5x8?


Jul 02 at 05:04 PM

Sporks! Your watermelon looks delicious!

Jun 17 at 09:13 AM

Creating a YouTube channel would be something that I would like to know about. Also could you go more in depth about the selling and teaching license and how that works? Thanks again for being willing to share your knowledge and experience!

Jun 17 at 09:07 AM

This was such great information! Thank you so much for your time and knowledge!

Jun 05 at 01:28 PM

I love this! So sweet to have photos of your puppy! The paper you used is gorgeous! Which album tutorial is this?