Kimmy Ward

May 22 at 05:17 PM

Oh wow, I'm a monthly and have no problem, that's odd. I have been here since the beginning tho so maybe that's the difference? Idk? Sure hope they get it fixed for you guys! I'm not home to work with her new paper yet but it is there waiting for me and my tutorials are all fine on the app thank goodness. Good luck, it's hard to wait I know!!

May 22 at 02:56 AM

Darla if you are a monthly subscriber to this app then you simply touch the album you wish to create. A walk through video will pop up and under that are all of the tutorial videos for that album. If you guys are not monthly subscribers to the app then I'm not sure how you are here to comment...I assume you have downloaded and pay monthly to chat here. That entitles you to make any album on the app for free so long as you make the monthly payment...good luck guys, I feel like I'm missing something but I'm just assuming you downloaded the app and pay monthly to use any tutorial you like. That is how it works for me. I had no idea it worked any other way. As far as I know the class price shown is what you pay if you didn't pay for the app monthly.

May 13 at 04:00 PM

Really pretty!

May 13 at 03:58 PM

A class on here is free if you are paying the monthly fee. I have no idea about the other classes tho.

Commented on YBM Community

Apr 02 at 06:25 PM

Absolutely  agree! For the foreseeable future YBM is the only place I wanna be!

Commented on Beginners Mini Album

Mar 29 at 04:03 PM

Ha, I see I renamed you Janice as well lol, so sorry Fraces, I don't even know a Janice!

Mar 29 at 04:00 PM

Thanks honey, I can't wait to see my Big Ole Album either but I think I better get the paper you used and follow it detail by detail!!

Mar 19 at 06:19 PM

It's beautiful! I love this collection as well but then I'm a graphic 45 nut anyway. You did the paper justice!

Mar 08 at 07:53 PM

This would be a perfect gift! Just a few photos from an outing with friends placed in this would be awesome. I love the idea of combining the paint with scrapping. A nice change.

Mar 08 at 07:37 PM

Oh this is lovely. I watch these and dream about the next one I will make! There are just so many choices.