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Toni Sacrison

Champlin, MN, United States

Replied on 11 x 11 Album

Jan 24 at 08:52 PM

Rachel Weaver I am so glad that my version of this beautiful album has inspired you. I feel so very blessed to have been asked to share it. It was truly my pleasure! 


Commented on Paper Studio Fall

Oct 24 at 12:33 PM

Frances, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the papers you chose for this. So wild and fun, and that cow paper! Oh. My. Gosh. So stinkin' cute. This one is next on my list, after the Ho Ho Ho and the Big ol' Album and... 😀


Oct 04 at 02:40 PM

Happy to share! and...since you so kindly asked... here are the fur babies. 



Sep 21 at 07:13 PM

So, I realized that I jumped directly into my first post like i actually knew what I was doing and totally forgot to introduce myself. My bad! I’m Toni. I live in Champlin, with my hubby of forever and two geriatric kitties. Who am I kidding…we’re all a little older than we would like to admit. I am still learning this whole make -it-from-the-ground-up album thing but am (as Frances would say) having a blast at it. Praise the Lord for people like Frances who can teach! i am loving this community and can’t wait to share more of what I am doing. Happy crafting everyone!

Commented on 11 x 11 Album

Aug 31 at 12:03 PM

I just purchased the cutlist & instructions for this for an album of our recent trip to Vienna and Salzburg. I think it's going to be perfect for all of the photos I snapped while we were there and I've found the perfect designer paper too! Thanks so much for your fantastic tutorials and inspiration!