Clutch Folio

I was really imagining a super slim but compact book with a clutchy kinda feel. I think the leather handle really is what brought this one together. It holds 45+ photos and can be tailored to any paper you'd like.


Although this clutch album seems slim on the outside, I designed it to have quite the impact on the inside! It flips and flaps on and on, which I thought would be so much fun to make.


Here I explore the book in its entirety, so you can get a real feel of the album's personality. And, If you'd like to make one for yourself, I have the class information below :)


From materials to measurements, we go through all the specifics it takes to create a loveable, long-lasting album together. Tools & Materials • Papers & Goodies • Building The Cover • Trimming • Scoring • Attaching • Decorating

Clutch Folio Class


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Francės Long