The Artist

Hi friend, Francės here :)

I was raised in an old small farm town in Central California. I was born in the month of June on the 14th day in the year of 1994. I have a 10-year-old son named Samson and I've been united with my best friend Shayne for 12 years. My love for mini album making was born after following a tutorial to create one, and I've been glued ever since. Before I went full time in my career, I was a nanny to my favorite buddies in the world ( my niece and nephews ). This lasted 3 1/2 years and I cherished every moment I spent with them, but day by day, the artist's voice in my head grew clearer. I needed to follow my passion, so in 2017 I resigned from nanny-hood and began to spend every day passionately building my dream.

" I aspire to remind you of your innate creativity and perseverance, and provide this space for you to express it. All the while, you build a beautiful family heirloom that will last forever. "